These Are Twitter’s Biggest Secrets

In this interview with Time Magazine, Buffer's Kevan Lee cites evidence to show that "There is science and psychology behind the way we all tweet." Psychology shows us how Twitter can be so addicting: We crave a great experience each time we pull the Twitter lever, and it keeps us coming back for more.Research and data reveal… Continue reading These Are Twitter’s Biggest Secrets

Messages You Should Be Sending On Each Platform

Twitter is strictly work for me. Facebook I seldom post any social media / marketing posts, but I will post productivity, life, inspirational on both. Tumblr is so easy to set up I have multiple Tumblr accounts . One is just a collection of my tweets set via an IFTTT formula so I have them in a nice place. One is to save my fave’d tweets. One is to reblog visual items. One is to post my own visual content creation which I may post on Instagram but usually only if it’s a photograph already (e.g. with words added).

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What you put on Twitter may not correlate with Facebook and vice versa.

If you’re trying to use social media as a communication tool to reach customers or establish an audience base, you have to keep that in mind. Each platform has its own language and by now you should already know this.

Say you have a blog and you are broadcasting the link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever else you use…you can’t just make one status and post it on each platform. Social media just does not work that way. Each platform has its own algorithm, and if you want your post to do well on each platform – you must familiarize yourself with the algorithms.

“Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google Plus—they’re like having different children,” says Patricia Rossi, host of NBC Daytime’s weekly “Manners Minute.”

She’s right. Although I don’t have kids, I get…

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