Hormones and Hunger

Source: The Virta Blog Insulin Twenty-five years ago, the only known appetite-controlling hormone was insulin. When blood insulin levels are high, glucose gets stored as glycogen and fats get stored in adipose tissue. The resulting reduction in circulating fuels, such as glucose and free fatty acids, then stimulates appetite. This leads to the common experience… Continue reading Hormones and Hunger


Fasting and microbiome Fasting – a dietary habit as ancient as fermenting – is also beneficial to gut health. “When you’re not eating,” says Spector, “a whole different set of microbes comes and cleans up your gut wall, eating the sugars and things there, and that’s important in keeping a good immune balance.” We are… Continue reading Microbiome


Alanine aminotransferase (ALT) ‘ALT is a biomarker for degree of liver fatALT goes up when your liver stores fat’Cutoffs: ideally below 20 (Peter Attia) and 25 (Robert Lustig) Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) ‘Aspartate aminotransferase (AST) is a biomarker for mitochondrial functionAST is much more minute to minute (i.e., what did you eat at your last meal?)ALT… Continue reading Biomarkers

Benefits of Saunas

To recap and drive the point home: acclimating your body to heat stress by intermittent whole-body hyperthermia via sauna use (“hyperthermic conditioning”) has been shown to: Enhance endurance by: Increasing nutrient delivery to muscles thereby reducing the depletion of glycogen stores.Reducing heart rate and reducing core temperature during workload. Increase muscle hypertrophy by preventing protein… Continue reading Benefits of Saunas


The data revealed that adults 65 years and older who strength trained twice a week had a 46% lower mortality rate and that strength training reduces all causes of death, including cancer and cardiac death. National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) 1. Exercise improves lifespan by delaying chronic diseases and reducing the risk of atherosclerotic disease, cancer,… Continue reading Exercise

Uric Acid and Ketosis

Source: The Vitra Blog Serum Uric Acid as a Biomarker for Keto-adaptation An intriguing potential indicator of the body’s progress into keto-adaptation is the response of the serum uric acid content after initiation of a ketogenic diet. In healthy normal humans with initially normal blood uric acid levels, their values typically double in the first… Continue reading Uric Acid and Ketosis

Scientific benefits of well-formulated ketogenic diet

https://youtu.be/CHJmqhMzKtE Key Takeaways Nutritional ketosis is powerful weapon, and can be used to achieve metabolic health with regards to insulin resistance and inflammationIn a 12-week study, participants showed 2X more weight loss, and it was not just water loss. Only 20% of the additional weight loss came from water, the rest was from fatReduction in… Continue reading Scientific benefits of well-formulated ketogenic diet