5 Ways to Optimize a Small Marketing Budget | WordStream

Don't have much budget? No problem! You can still make the most of even a small marketing budget if you have smart strategies. Here are five tips to follow. 5 great tips from Larry Kim Set a budget Pick one channel and do it well Pay to play - in his example, cost per click… Continue reading 5 Ways to Optimize a Small Marketing Budget | WordStream


The Magic Email – Win Without Pitching

Originally posted on Hubspot (16 Creative Email Lines that Restart Stalled Conversations) These are my favourite "Closing the Loop" "RE: <your last email>" - 92% of emails with RE are opened "Only X weeks left to ...." "Any questions, <name>?" "?" Template for Email with Subject line : Closing The Loop Hi [FirstName]; I haven’t… Continue reading The Magic Email – Win Without Pitching