Save at least 8 days a year with productivity hacks

2011 study by Brainscape estimated that the average human can save 2 per minute by using shortcut keys. This translates to a 3.3% in improvement in productivity and ~ 8 days a year.  That is not a trivial number.  Assuming an average career span of 30 years, one would save an entire year of work by using shortcut keys.

Brainscape assumes:

Keyboard shortcut formula

Here are some ways you can improve your productivity:

  1. Use keyboard shortcuts (The Shortcut to Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts – Digital Discovery)
  2. Install Auto Text expander Chrome Extension
  3. Use keyboard text replacement (on mobile) – e.g. for Instagram hashtags
  4. Listen to audiobooks / videos at 2X speed
  5. Listen to audiobooks while exercising

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