Color Picker — Design Inspiration | Muzli blog

Source: Color Picker — Design Inspiration | Muzli blog

Color Picker by Cleveroad

Sunset Color Picker by Sam Beushausen

Color picker by Oleg Frolov for Avito


Icon editor by Vasiliy Golobokov

#dailyui #060 — Chrome OS Color Picker by Jeff Reiner

060 DailyUI — Color Picker by Adrien Gervaix

POTO College Maker UI by Cheuk Yin Chan

Roomie — Color Picker by Ionut Zamfir

Day 60 — Colorpicker by Carl Hauser

PayTouch Dashboard by Brian Plemons
Color Picker by Firman Suci Ananda

Gramblr — native OS X app by Natalie Kirejczyk

The updated LayerVault options menu by Allan Grinshtein

Qards Gradient Widget by Vladimir Kudinov for Designmodo

Sip in dark & light Menu Bar by André Gonçalves

Car Filter WIP by Jan Cantor

Day033 I Customize Product by Jun

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