67 Insights From The Worlds Top Digital Marketing Experts

Source: 67 Insights From The Worlds Top Digital Marketing Experts

 Brian Solis

Here is the stream of consciousness that is Brian’s brain on Twitter during the presentation.

  1. What if you could act like a start-up? Starting from scratch gives you the ability to see new possibilities
  2. The true source of innovation is passion
  3. 67% of customer journey is now digital
  4. Surprise and delight is the new wave of innovation. How can you cater to the digital and physical customer today?
  5. @Starbucks has merged marketing and IT to connect with the digital customer
  6. What the spirit of failure means is that you’re trying something new”
  7. The biggest mistake business is making today is thinking we’re profitable and doing great
  8. Today’s businesses must compete for the customer of the future but they move too slow”
  9. Digital Darwinism isn’t a myth; it’s result of missed opportunity
  10. Digital transformation and the change it requires of organizations turns analysts into therapists.

Ray Wang

Ray is the analyst and CEO at Constellation Research. His blog “A software insiders point of view” has millions of views every year. Known for covering “enterprise strategy and disruptive technology”

His slide on the 5 steps to disrupting digital business is worth sharing.

Digital marketing experts - Ray Wang

His tweetable thoughts are below.

  1. Digital disruption is less about technology and more about transforming business models
  2. Winning in a digital world means being great at the Art and the Science. So…Become a digital artisan
  3. AirBnB is more about a trust network than the total number of bed nights
  4. Digital delivers mass personalization at scale
  5. Transformational innovation is breakthrough & disrupts markets
  6. Tech convergence powers digital disruption
  7. 5 steps to disrupting digital business

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