SEO E-commerce Case Study – Seer Interactive

Brilliant case study by Seer Interactive using SEO to attract consumers looking for promo codes (typically bargain hunters) but a landing page that explained how the e-commerce company don’t typically offer discount and coupon codes, as well as the brand’s value proposition and key selling points. This was enough to build the consumers’ trust (so that they would not leave the site to look for deals from competitors) and in fact make a purchase.

What they did

  • Called out right away that it is out of the norm they run discount codes, and explained how manufacturers control most of the promotional opportunities related to sales.
  • Pointed out the fact that they offer a price match policy and that it is prominent on every page of the site.
  • Reminded visitors of the everyday benefits of shopping with them.
    • Already low prices
    • Free shipping on purchases that meet a specific sales criteria
    • Excellent customer service with a nearly 10/10 reputation & rating
    • Rewards programs for cash toward future purchases
    • More HD videos of product reviews than any competitor


In the first year after the discount page’s launch it saw 21,000 visits and earned $1.58M in revenue.


At that time it was the 38th most visited page and the 5th most profitable page on an e-commerce website with over 550K pages. The conversion rate was 1,384% higher than site average.

By ranking organically for discount queries, companies can avoid paying affiliate fees to coupon/deals sites that can charge up to 6%. In the above case, that would result in a $96,000 loss.

Source: eCommerce | Seer Interactive


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