11 Digital Marketing / Analytics “Crimes Against Humanity”

Most digital marketing strategies are heartbreakingly bad. Here are 11 common mistakes in digital marketing and web analytics. By the brilliant Avinash Kaushik

1. Not spending 15% of your Marketing budget, every month, on experimenting with new techniques / channels / ideas.

2. Not having a fast, functional, incredible mobile-friendly website.

3. Gratuitous use of Flash.

4. Writing campaigns your website can’t cash.

5. Not having a vibrant, engaging, non-pimpy blog.

6. “Shouting” on Twitter / Facebook.

7. Your SEO strategy is buying links, expired domains, et. al.

8. Not following the “10/90 rule for magnificent web success.”

9. Doing anything on the web without a Web Analytics Measurement Model.

10. Making lame metrics the measures of success: Impressions, Click-throughs, Page Views.

11. Not centering your entire digital existence on Economic Value.

Source: 11 Digital Marketing / Analytics “Crimes Against Humanity”


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