Occam’s Razor and the Data Science Project

An example of how multiple technique and algorithms /tools are required to solve a given investigation – when the simplest process isn’t always the best. Kind of like the Zen of Python where Simple is better than complex but complex is better than complicated….

Backyard Data Science

toolsThe Cortana Analytics suite from Microsoft is not a single platform, but actually a group of related products and features. Why so many? Couldn’t someone just use Microsoft R Server, or Azure ML, or Hadoop to create a solution? Isn’t the simplest solution always the best? Well, yes, but only inasmuch as it is as simple as it should be.

In many data projects, it’s common to use a single process to get the answers you’re looking for. For instance, in a reporting-based application, you have a data source (or perhaps more than one) and you run a query over that data. The query might have multiple components, such as aggregations, combinations and filters, but in essence it’s a single technology or type of technology that processes the answer from the data. The simplest answer is to apply the query language to the data. And simple is…

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