Sodomy, Irony and Debate at Yale-NUS


Good to see heated debate especially among the youngsters.  Also good to see Yale-NUS administrators supporting the on-going debate.


Best part: The comment from 

Self-styled “progressives” have expressed concern that the Singapore government would impair freedom of speech at Yale-NUS. But this article suggests that it is those at Yale-NUS supporting the position of the Singapore government on this issue who are afraid to speak out in fear of retaliation from self-styled “progressives.”

The ironies could hardly be richer.

And I don’t support this sodomy law.


A speech delivered by Chan Heng Chee, Singapore’s ambassador-at-large who also serves on Yale-NUS’s governing board, sparked a heated debate at the young institution after she defended Singapore’s sodomy law.

Yale-NUS students interviewed said the issue has sparked heated discussion on campus, especially among activists for LGBTQ rights.

Source: Yale-NUS admin speech sparks debate


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