Gifted Education in Singapore: Part 1

Fascinating – this is the most info I’ve come across about the GEP in the last 30 years.

Gifted Phoenix


This post on gifted education in Singapore is the next in an unofficial series featuring the Asian Tiger Economies that head the 2009 PISA rankings – and are amongst the ‘high-performing jurisdictions’ examined during England’s current National Curriculum Review.

It builds on a March 2011 post in my ‘Behind the Gifted News’ series which asked whether England would copy Singapore’s Integrated Programme. (More later about how the Integrated Programme fits within wider gifted education provision.)

Previous reviews have addressed gifted education in Hong Kong and South Korea. Now it is time to turn our attention to one of the educational powerhouses of South East Asia. For Singapore finished 5th in the PISA 2009 league table for reading, 4th for science and 2nd for mathematics.

My analysis of high achievers’ performance in PISA shows that, in 2009, the percentage of Singaporean students achieving levels…

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One thought on “Gifted Education in Singapore: Part 1

  1. Hi Debbie

    Thanks for reblogging. My posts on Singapore are rather old now and I know that many of the links are dead. I followed the same method for all my posts about national gifted programmes, gathering absolutely everything I could find online and then synthesising and cross-referencing until I had a reasonably reliable narrative description.

    Unfortunately I never got round to preparing the planned part 3 – sorry!

    Best wishes

    Tim (aka Gifted Phoenix)


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