#BainExplained: What is True North?

Great write up. (BTW I posted this in Quora… http://bit.ly/1j0v6px) Once a Bainee, always a bainee. 🙂 Deb


Consulting is a client service business. Our goal, and I imagine that this should not come as a surprise to anyone, is to create the best possible results for our clients. In fact old versions of our website used to show these results on the front splash. Sometimes the purchaser, that is the individual at the client who decides to bring in outside consultants, already has an idea of what the “answer” is. For example, if a company is trying to decide which new market to enter, the client may already believe, perhaps passionately, that Latin America is the answer. Or if the company is looking to cut costs, the client may already think that SKU rationalization is the way to go. Suffice it to say, clients don’t always come in full of questions, oftentimes they have their own answer first.Horizontal_RED_LG_DIGITAL

Now it would be easy, well not necessarily easy, but…

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