Poor technical SEO is a sign of sloppy or inexperienced web design and reduces the credibility of your business. But most of that stuff is fixable. One can always add missing titles or meta descriptions or fix W3C canonical errors.  

However, the most important thing to get right is to build good URLs that are search engine friendly when building or redesigning a website. This is not that easy to fix once it has been published.  

A good URL structure has:

  • the keyword in the URL
  • clearly describes the content of the page 
  • has 3-6 words, separated with hyphens, not underscores
  • URLs that have (Ajax URL that search engines cannot read)
  • does not use _ or ?  or other odd symbols (hard to read by search engines)

Code-free or WYSIWYG website builders could be a reason why – Wix for example is the most popular code-free website builder, but uses Ajax URLs and has been subject to a lot of criticism for it’s poor SEO (Ajax URLs are one of many SEO weaknesses.)*

Content Marketing Institute cites a good example of clear URL naming structures is Leo Babauta’s popular 

In an exercise to test out all the different code-free website buidlers, I personally built websites on as many WYSIWYG websites builders (including Wix, Weebly, Strikingly, Squarespace, Jimdo, Moonfruit, Drupal Gardens).  Wix was, in my experience, the worst code-free website builder. From constantly hanging, to not being mobile responsive, to not allowing you to choose the URL structure, not allowing access to custom code) 

A full review of all the website builders will be posted soon. I strongly recommend that anyone considering using a drag and drop to use Strikingly or Squarespace instead. 


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