RiteTag – a MUST-Have Chrome Extension

“Actionable Analytics, Social Crafting and Automation”

RiteTag is a Chrome extension that most associate RiteTag as a tool for managing hashtags. RiteTag will colour code your hashtags to show you which are are “hot now” versus “underused” so that you can optimise your tweets or maximum exposure.

I recently installed the tool and I’ve been extremely pleased with it.  It’s become an indispensible tool for me.  

For a start, it shows you a lot more than Hashtagify.me – which only shows you related hashtags in the free version.  Ritetag also shows you the reach and the structure for top hashtags in terms of views per hour, retweets, tweets with images, mentions, influencers using it.) 

More than just a hashtagging tool

More importantly, the Chrome extension lets you search for hashtags, images and gifs real time while you are composing your tweet.  Images can be searched by database (Flickr, Instagram, Twitter and Imgur) and Gifs from Giphy. Each time I’ve used it, I’ve gotten likes and retweets.

Here are a couple of examples: 


Another great feature is its “Coach” feature” which let’s you select another username and it will pull out that user’s tweets and optimise for you to retweet.  It’s a geat way to analyse competitor tweets, as well as to engage with influencers. 

Finally, it lets you bulk or RSS to 100 tweets for automated scheduling, which it then optimises for hashtags.  This feature is not that useful because it reviews each tweet one by one, and therefore takes a very long time.  It also optimises for widest reach (i.e. will suggest a more common vs a more niche hashtag which isn’t always the best strategy). I’ve also come to realise that when you save tweets in a CSV file, formatting of aprostrophes and emojis get corrupted.  

Best part – all of these features come with the free version and Ritetag does not append it’s name at the back of tweets that it sends for you.  A highly recommended tool for all users. 


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